We open to cooperation with exchange offices!

Due to the active development of the platform and the expansion of MeXeer platform geography we are open now to connect exchanger offices.

To exchange offices - it is an opportunity to get free traffic to new users and acquire MEX discount up to 6%.

For users - an opportunity to top up and withdraw funds to the local bank cards and bills, as well as other e-currencies.

Requirements to exchange offices:

   - The presence of the deposit at least $ 3000.
   - Ability to work with cash or payment cards.
   - General reserve exchanger should be at least $ 10,000.
   - The maximum capacity of the commission to exchange MEX no more than 4%.
   - Loan repayment by electronic currency which accepts by our platform no later than 5 days.

Administration Rights

Application review for candidates is carried out for a few days;
The administration reserves the right to disable the listing of exchangers in the process;
The administration reserves the right to refuse to place in the rating of the exchanger on your own, without explanation.

We are focused on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners.


New drawing from meXeer community in

Leave a comment in the discussion and become a participant in the drawing of the prize with total fund of $ 2000.

The winners of the draw will be determined by using a random number generator

1st place - $ 200
2-4 place - $ 150
5-10 place - $ 100
11-25 place - $ 50


Rules for participation in the drawing:

1. You must be an investor on the platform website

2. To participate in the community

3. Leave no less than 1 payment review per a day in the discussion:

    3.1. The more reviews the more likely to get prize (up to 30 days - 30 reviews)

4. The winner can not get 2 prize places at the same time

5. The prize will be credited in your account on the site mexeer as a  deposit!


The campaign will run until 02.11.2017

Do not miss your chance to win a delicious prize!



In today’s news, we want to highlight the participants from Turkey!

Turkey is a wonderful country and it has great leaders who develop the platform and create a strong team.

Visit one of the major leaders of Turkey -

It compiles all the necessary information, instructions and videos.

At the moment, the leaders of Turkey, use different tools for advertising meXeer project. Making video clips and conducting online conferences, writing articles in newspapers and media, Facebook and run advertising on Google.

Our meXeer management is proud of such leaders and their teams!

If you are in Turkey, we advise you to work with site

In the near future our news will be including info about leaders from different countries such as: China, India, Russia, Brazil, the United States, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam.

We wish you a really good business and international team around the world!

Cheers to your and our success!


Dear meXeer platform users!

We have passed the first stage of development of the system, as announced, from 01/01/2017 we release a queue of updates on the investment and partnership programs.

You can preview new terms on the "Investment program" page as well as in "Partner Program".

* Investment program. Conditions only valid for the new tariffs, conditions for previous deposits will remain as former.

**Affiliate program. All achieved status and regalia for users are stay unchanged.

Ahead there is a new year of 2017. The huge number of participants meXeer already made a profit in the project and more and more new people from all over the world joining the platform.

What forecasts and plans meXeer has?

As we know, meXeer project is entirely the financial mechanism, and it works primarily with cryptocurrency and electronic payment systems. All the electronic world of finance is closely following the bitcoin forecast and  on its basis build their strategy for the next 2017. Administration of meXeer platform is no exception, and we want to share with you the forecast.

"Crazy Forecast" for Bitcoins from Saxo Bank

Although it is not an official forecast from the Saxo market, but only a collection of "crazy predictions," they talk about tripling the value of Bitcoin in 2017, to $ 2,100, as a potential derivation of a consensus in the markets.

The catalyst for such a prediction has served as president of the aggressive policy of budget expenses Trump in the US and increase the US budget deficit to more than $ 1 trillion. If growth and inflation in the US will increase, the Federal reserve sistem will be forced to raise interest rates, which will push the dollar to new highs.

This will lead to a domino effect and the emerging of markets, particularly China, will be looking for an alternative, and perhaps resort to Bitcoins to avoid US hegemony in the global financial system. Cryptocurrency, as a whole, will benefit, and Bitcoin get the maximum benefit, because he is a pioneer.

Since the adoption of the currency in the Chinese and Russian banking system is only strengthened by replacing the US dollar on Bitcoin, respectively, and the forecast for cryptocurrency prices - is the cost of tripling the current level of $ 770 to $ 2100.

Financial platform meXeer also focused on Bitcoin, and through diversification of financial flows is sufficiently robust platform with a great prospects.

2017 promises to be very interesting and meXeer make every effort so that it will become very profitable for each user!


Multi-accounts and fraud.

Dear meXeer platform users!

Remember creating of a multi-accounts in order to upgrade referral or deposit status is strictly prohibited and is followed by blocking of those accounts without any right to recovery!

MeXeer security department undertakes a thorough review of the system for fraud.

If you have to maintain more than one account, it is strongly recommend that you contact tech support for the settlement of this question! Otherwise, those accounts during the check will be blocked on the subject of fraud.


Dear partners of financial platform Mexeer!

Our greetings to you on the upcoming holidays!

The past year was full of serious programs, interesting updates, and they all brought positive and profitable results for you and for our platform.

Successful results of 2016 would have been impossible without the coordinated work of a team, without effort, support and initiatives of each user of the system.

On the eve of the holidays, we thank you, dear partners, and extend our sincere appreciation to you for dedication to our common goal, for the commitment to serve the interests of partners and your choice in favor of our platform and the community as a whole.

We wish you and your families good health, prosperity and happiness in your homes, as well as fulfillment of all your plans and undertakings.

For you, we are working in standard mode during the holidays!

Greetings on Upcoming holidays!

Sincerely yours, meXeer team.


Opening of new section Reviews!

Undoubtedly, personal experience is the greatest motivator for further work with our investment platform. If you are an existing customer and already successfully earning, it's time to share your results with other visitors of our website. Especially for your feedback on our work, comments and reviews of meXeer features and its potential we have added a new section - "Reviews". We'd love to hear your opinion and listen to it: perhaps this will help to make our work more productive and comfortable for customers. We believe that your review will also help novice investors make their first step to earnings and determine the more profitable collaboration strategy.

Together there's much we can achieve, let's work as a team!


Introducing Update! The Representatives section!

Welcome and congratulations on the opening of the long-awaited section of Representatives!

From that moment on everyone who is willing to develop meXeer platform can apply to become a representative of the company and begin the development of their structure with more interesting offers.

Becoming a representative of the company, you will receive:
- The status of "Privileged";
- Your contacts on the site;
- Additional referrals from the company;
- Access to leadership chats;
- The budget from the company on the development of the project.

To do this, you need to apply on a page "Contacts / Representatives"

Become  meXeer team member today!


Launching meXeer Exchange.

Dear participants of a multifunctional financial platform meXeer!

Today we move on to the next phase of development and open powerful features - meXeer internal currency exchange , for the first time connected on the same platform with the payment system and many other financial instruments.

Now purchase or sales of MEX might be done for a more loyal price.

The Exchange is a classic with a user-friendly interface, where you can buy and sell available currencies directly from user to user.

Attention! On the occasion of launching, commission is 0% as for replenishment of exchange purses and as per operations made.

But we do not plan to leave it this way forever, very soon commission will be raised to the minimum level. Use this opportunity to build your investor and broker teams.

Buy! Sell! Withdraw! Earn!

In meXeer all operations are available on a single platform!


Advanced Cash Payment system is connected now

Dear investors, we inform you that now your purse can be top up as well as withdrawal made through payment system of Advanced Cash on our website.

The corresponding label bills - advcash became active in the "Deposit Mex"

We are doing our best in order meXeer to become more and more user friendly to everyone!


Advertising Partnership with meXeer

Attention! We appeal to all of our potential partners, bloggers, website owners and other monitors of various internet portals. Prior to the start, meXeer took full list of advertising sites, with which advertising campaign of project was coordinated  for the coming period. In this regard, we do not react to the incoming flow of new proposals. However!

We thank you for your initiative and offer the next version of the mutually beneficial cooperation! If you have the resources for the promotion of our project, and your goal is much higher than the one-time payment, we are ready to give you the status of the advertising partner and discuss the option of raising interest rates to our referral program individually for you.

This offer is constant in time, do not miss the moment, come first serve first !!  Our first meXeer advertising partners are already tasted the benefits. Congratulations on that!

How to start? No much discussions about it. In order to become advertising partner, place our project on your site and write your details to our Support through meXeer office: Your website + contacts and description.

Attention!! Offer period until 21 November 2016.