meXeer automatic platform
What is meXeer?
meXeer is a multifunctional platform that combines the investment fund aimed at developing new meXeer electronic currency, multi-currency exchange in popular directions as well as the system of automatic payments (API).
In the control zone of which country does meXeer operate?
First of all, meXeer is an international platform, the use of which is available to everyone, without geographical, financial, age or any other restrictions. The payment system has been legalized in the UK by registering the company in 2016.
Where can I find meXeer registration documents?
Registration documentation of MEXEER INC Limited is available for downloading as a PDF file on the website of the Companies House Royal Registrar: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10445408/filing-history
What are the goals and objectives pursued by meXeer?
MeXeer platform brings together the most popular currency tools in a single, easy to use, anonymous and secure platform that seeks to create a multi-functional payment system and to integrate standard online banking tools with innovative trade and financial platforms.
MeXeer personal account
How to register a meXeer account?
To register a meXeer account, it is enough to indicate correct email address and to set a complex password. To complete registration, it is necessary to use the code sent to your e-mail.
How many accounts can I register?
We strongly ask you to register and use only one meXeer account. Despite the fact that the system is anonymous, we are committed to limit the abuse of partner tools when working with the investment fund and to minimize cheating attempts by the users. Creating multiple accounts is subject to further blockage.
After the registration, I signed in, but I can not replenish my balance! Why?
To start work with the platform, you need to specify your personal data and the nickname, as well as to select the country of your residence - please fill in all fields marked with an asterisk (*). Only after saving these data, you will be able to start working.
You said that your platform was anonymous, but you make me specify my data. What’s the point?
Of course, you can specify any data, use any name or surname - we do not check it. These data are used for further communication with clients and for keeping statistics.
How to access personal account’s advanced features?
You need to verify your Telegram account (connect it to your account). This will help you stay up to date with meXeer news, as well as manage your account from your telephone.
What is the identifier of my meXeer wallet?
In your account, above the account balance, there is "Wallet number", a unique number of 16 characters. This is your meXeer identifier.
I can not access my account, because I forgot/lost my password. What to do?
First of all, check the correctness of the data that you enter into the form when you sign in: your e-mail address (not a nickname!) and your password. You can also reset your password using the function "Password Recovery": enter your e-mail address and click "Remind". A link to reset your password will be sent to your e-mail, after clicking it, a new password will be sent there.
How do I change my password after a reset?
In your account settings, use the function "Change Password".
How do I close my meXeer account?
This feature is not implemented. The difficulty lies in the absence of verification, so we do not leave the possibility of unauthorized removal of your account. For detailed information about your account, at any time you can contact technical support by calling the pop-up feedback form from the menu "Contacts" or "Technical Support": https://mexeer.com/support.
How to contact technical support?
You can address the technical support you in the "Contacts" section of your account: https://mexeer.com/support
MeXeer payment system
What functions does meXeer perform as a payment system?
Like other types of electronic and digital currencies, meXeer payment system was created to facilitate mutual p2p payments, and as a convenient tool to pay for goods and services online. MeXeer currency units have a sign of MEX.
Where can I buy or sell MEX currency?
At the moment, purchase, sale and exchange of MEX are available on the official payment system website - meXeer.com. In the future, the payment system will also be presented in multi-currency electronic exchange points.
Does meXeer require verification of identity, like some other payment systems?
No! MeXeer is a completely anonymous payment system, which, of course, does not require your personal data or identity documents from you.
What are the current directions of exchange?
Today, MEX purchase and sale are available via Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Emercoin, Promecoin.
How to buy MEX?
To buy MEX, you need to register on the website meXeer.com and make exchange transaction in the personal account or create the necessary request on meXeer exchange.
How fast is MEX credited after the exchange?
The automatic system allows to make instant purchase and sale transactions of meXeer electronic currency, but you should remember about the network confirmation system, if you use cryptocurrency - on average, similar transactions take from 30 to 60 minutes.
What is the rate for MEX purchase?
MEX exchange rate is connected to USD, the commission will be charged during the purchase, sale or exchange of currency. You can find the commission amount in the section "Tariffs": https://meXeer.com/tarifs
I filled the balance, it’s been a long time, but my balance is still 0. What to do?
We recommend you to contact technical support. You can do it in the "Contacts" section of your account: https://mexeer.com/support. Enter the exact amount of replenishment, payment system and payment data. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.
Can I transfer MEX to another user?
Of course! Given the fact that meXeer is a full-fledged payment system, you can send money to other users as a personal transfer, pay for goods or services, etc.
How can I transfer MEX to another user?
In your account, find the button "Transfer MEX to another user" under the balance sheet: https://mexeer.com/sendmex. Enter the recipient’s wallet number and specify the amount of transfer.
How quickly is MEX transfer processed within the system?
All meXeer payments are instant.
What is the commission for transfers within the system?
MeXeer transactions between users are performed without additional fees.
MeXeer Investment Fund
Why is meXeer investment fund needed?
Thanks to an investment fund, you can get acquainted in detail with the payment system, as well as provide passive income at a rate from 2 to 5% daily. The main purpose of the investment fund is an increase in the money supply in the payment system and its popularization among online users.
How to become an investment fund member?
You need to register your personal account and buy meXeer e-currency, which you can place under the trust management program to make a profit.
Who can use investment fund services?
Anyone, regardless of their country of residence, social status, financial opportunities, political views or religious beliefs can become a user of meXeer e-currency and an investment fund participant.
In which currency can I invest?
The investment fund only accepts meXeer as a financial instrument for deposits and profit accrual.
How can I make a deposit?
To create a deposit, you will have to register an account and to fill meXeer balance using the most convenient payment instrument (Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Emercoin, Promecoin). Once your balance is replenished in the amount from $30 to $100000, you can make a deposit using the function "Invest".
Do I understand correctly that to make an investment, first I need to full my meXeer balance?
Yes, that’s right. You need to start with balance filling using popular payment systems.
For which amount can I make a deposit?
You can make a deposit from meXeer balance in any amount from $30 to $100000
How many deposits can I have simultaneously?
The number of deposits is unlimited. Each deposit will have personal charging conditions.
For how long has my deposit been allocated?
The term of your deposit depends on the amount of investments, ranging from 75 to 80 calendar days. Detailed deposit conditions are available in the section "Investment Fund": https://mexeer.com/investfond
What is the schedule for my profit accrual?
Charges for each deposit are made with 24-hour interval. The first profit will be available the day after creation of the deposit.
Are profits accrued at the weekends?
Yes, the investment period is calculated in calendar days, which include Saturdays and Sundays.
Can I get my deposit back?
Your deposit is included in the daily accrual of equal parts. This means that after the end of the investment period, your deposit will be equal to zero.
When can I withdraw profits?
Your profit is calculated automatically and is accumulated on your meXeer account. You can withdraw money as soon as your balance becomes positive.
What is the procedure for profits withdrawal?
To receive profit, you need to sell MEX, i.e. to make an exchange on the payment system convenient for you, which operates on the platform, using the button "Withdraw". Your request will be processed within 1-3 business days.
Which commission do I have to pay at profit withdrawal?
The fee is charged in accordance with the payment system, to which you are withdrawing MEX. Read more about withdrawal commissions in the section "Tariffs": https://mexeer.com/tarifs.
Can I replenish the balance with one payment system, but withdraw future gains by another?
Of course. You can use meXeer as a regular currency exchange service and trade in electronic currency, taking into account fees for payments: https://mexeer.com/tarifs.
What is leadership packages?
MeXeer leadership packages can increase the rate of daily profit upon the fulfillment of specific conditions for attracting new users.
How to earn more with the leadership packages?
While attracting new meXeer users, you can earn more, having become a leader of the Partnership Program: https://mexeer.com/partnerprogramm.
MeXeer currency exchange
Why is the currency exchange function implemented on meXeer website?
Given the fact that the e-currency exchange rate is connected to USD, MEX can be used for the full-fledged currency exchange trade. The main trade platform is located on the official website of the payment system, with the development of the currency and increase of its popularity, MEX will also be added to other popular cryptocurrency exchange services as a financial instrument. In other words, meXeer currency exchange service is designed to increase profitability and additional earnings.
Who can use meXeer currency exchange?
Anyone can try on the role of a trader. This platform can be a great learning center for beginner traders and the possibility of earning for professional currency exchange actors.
How do I register as a trader?
To trade in MEX, you only need to register on the meXeer website and to go to the tab "Exchange": https://mexeer.com/exchange.
I am a newbie. Tell us how to trade here.
Through the meXeer exchange, you can buy or sell MEX. To do this, you need to create an order in the right direction (purchase or sale). If your price is consistent with the requirements of other traders, the order will be processed and closed immediately automatically. If your sale price is higher than purchase requests applications or if you sell MEX at a higher price than other traders are buying, the order will be closed as soon as a counter offer appears.
What are the limits for MEX sale and purchase?
You can operate any amount available on your balance sheet.
Is there any commission for the creation of orders for MEX purchase/sale?
The commission is charged at each transaction and displayed under the field "Price" when creating an order.
MeXeer Partnership Program
Why was meXeer partnership program created?
First, meXeer is a commercial product that requires a certain amount of marketing when promoting. The most effective and the least aggressive way is to use partnership tools: a unique link and animated banners.
How does partnership program work?
Quite simply: you attract new meXeer users and get a reward from your referrals’ deposits (up to 10 lines), depending on their number and total size of their investments. More details on the amount of rewards can be found in the section "Partnership Program": https://mexeer.com/partnerprogramm.
What is the partnership program status, how does it work?
Depending on the number of your referrals and the total amount of your investments, you are assigned with a current status. This status determines from what lines and what level of compensation you receive.
Where are partner’s tools located?
Your partnership link and html codes of animated banners are located in the "Team" section of your account: https://mexeer.com/team.
What is a partnership link?
This link looks like a link with the website address and your unique partnership ID. The link looks like that https://mexeer.com/mxr1234567890
How to use links and banners?
Place a link or a banner code on the online resources available for you. When clicking this link (or when clicking your banner), a user gets to meXeer website. After the account registration, the user becomes a member of our team, and the data of such a user appear in the "Team" section of your account: https://mexeer.com/team.
MeXeer Representatives
Who are meXeer representatives and why are they needed?
MeXeer representatives help beginner investors/traders to thoroughly understand platform principles, they are ready to provide consulting services and share their experience with us. In addition, our representatives will help overcome the language barrier for native speakers of the languages other than those presented at the website.
Who can get a representative status?
Any platform user can become a representative, all you need is to be ready to grow and develop with the company, to be at the origins of new payment system formation, and to actively promote meXeer ideas.
How to become a meXeer representative?
To apply, you must fill out a special form in the section "Contact/Representatives": https://mexeer.com/contacts. Fill out the required fields, select your photo to be published on the website and click "Submit". After checking your data, contact information will be added to the website with your unique partnership link.
How long does it take to check application for a representative status?
Your data will be checked within 3 working days, we are committed to this process and do everything for it not to take more than 24 hours. If necessary, our specialists will contact you for further information. Upon receipt of the representative status, your contact information and the partnership link will be published on the website.
What privileges does the representative status grant?
First of all, that is the possibility of attracting new investors (referrals) in your team, as your partnership link will be published on the website. This allows users to become your referrals in a single click. Besides, meXeer offers extra motivation in the form of increased rates of partner remuneration when the total number of your referrals gets to 30 people and when you are assigned with the "Privileged" status. The most active partners of the platform may be eligible for financial aid and marketing budget for meXeer local development in the representative’s country of residence.
Do representatives get the dedicated communication channel with meXeer platform administration?
Yes, after the status assignment, representatives have priority for maintenance in the customer support and access to leadership (representational) chats for operational communication with meXeer and other partners.
What kind of financial assistance for meXeer development can I get within the advertising budget?
The funding amount is individual for each representative and is discussed with the achievement of certain indicators (total team turnover from $20,000). You may find the detailed information in the customer support service, send a request using the feedback form on the website: https://mexeer.com/contacts.
How can I contact a representative in my country?
A list of representatives is constantly growing and is available on the website under the section "Contact / Representatives": https://mexeer.com/contacts.